Burned Area Product

I cannot order the MCD45A1 product for June 2001. Why is it not online?

The MODIS instrument had a prolonged outage in June 2001. As a consequence, not enough input data is available for the production of MCD45A1 for that month.

I downloaded some MCD45A1 data in hdf format. When I open it, I see several layers. Which one shall I start looking at?

For most of the users, the relevant information is the location of the burned pixels, and the day of burning. This data is contained in the first layer (SDS in the MODIS jargon), called 'burndate'.

When I try to open a file in ENVI, I get an error message "unsupported MODIS product"?

You can either open the file as generic HDF with:
File -> Open External Files -> Generic Formats -> HDF
or install the MODIS conversion toolkit from the ITT website

I received username and password for the ftp server, I clicked on the link and nothing happens. What shall I do?

FTP servers do not work like normal webpages. You need an ftp client (a list is given in paragraph 4.1 in the user guide) and you need to read careful the documentation of the ftp client to understand how to download data.

Would you be able to provide the burn scar data for a specified area dating back as far as possible?

Currently we only can provide regional subsets (GeoTiff) as described at http://modis-fire.umd.edu/BA_description.html. However following section 6.1.1 in the user guide you easily can subset your Area of Interest.

Will the HDF files yield different results as the geotiffs?

Not in the extent of the burned area but as the geotiffs are obtained by mosaicing, resampling and reprojecting several tiles of the original product, the processing time is not available. Furthermore only two SDSs (layers) are available in geotiff format. As explained in 3.2 useer guide, for each month two files are available, one for each SDS.