Collection 6 Active Fire and Burned Area CMG Product Update

Jul, 10th - 2017

Release is awaiting the MODIS Collection 6 MCD12Q1 Land Cover product, which is expected to become available late summer of 2017.

Collection 6 MCD64A1 Burned Area Product Available from the LP DAAC

Feb, 6th - 2017

The MCD64A1 global burned area product is now available for download from the LP DAAC as part of the MODIS land product suite.

Collection 6 MCD64A1 Burned Area Product Release

Jan, 30th - 2017

The MODIS Collection 6 MCD64A1 global burned area product is now available in HDF, GeoTIFF, and Shapefile formats from the MODIS Fire FTP server. Collection 6 files are located in the Collection6/(HDF,TIFF,SHP) directories. Collections 5.1 and 5 (MCD45A1) are still available in the Collection51/(HDF,TIFF) and Collection5/(HDF,TIFF) directories, respectively. The Collection 5.1 MCD45A1 product will be deprecated in early 2017. Users should not combine Collections 6 and 5.1 (or 5) in any time-series analysis.

The HDF version of the product is also available from the fuoco FTP server. See the Collection 6 MODIS Burned Area Product User's Guide for details.

Collection 6 Global Burned Area Product (MCD64A1) Improvements over the previous Collection 5.1 (MCD45A1) Product:

  • General improvement (reduced omission error) in burned area detection.
  • Significantly better detection of small burns.
  • Modest reduction in burn-date temporal uncertainty.
  • Significant reduction in the occurrence of unclassified grid cells.
  • Expanded per-pixel quality assurance (QA) product layer.
  • Burn date layer now uniquely flags missing-data versus water grid cells.